Introduction to the blog

Thank you to Luciana Vidal for pushing me to write this

Why a blog?

Writing has been on my personal todo list for far too long. Naturally as an engineer that meant spending an inordinate amount of time building my own site rather than just dropping a account onto my domain. Now that the site is somewhat serviceable its time to start writing.

I don’t have strong commercial motivations for doing this now, so the topics of the posts will follow my interests:

  • Business, especially scaling small, tech startups
  • Fitness
  • Aviation
  • Some personal posts and thoughts on relationships
  • Some discussion of economics and politics which will probably be suboptimal for my future career.

Who am I?

I am Max Cantor. My “day job” career is in technology and startups. My focus lately is on leadership and especially engineering leadership. Outside of work, my first love is a 9 pound bundle of unbridaled joy who is an incredibly sweet, affectionate rescue cat who moved in with me in Singapore in 2008. My other passions are fitness and aviation. I am a part time CrossFit coach (CF-L2) with a particular passion for strength and movement. I am also an Instrument Rated Private Pilot with about 350 hours logged. I intend to write about all of these passions.