How to Manage a Remote Team by Gitlab and Coursera

I just started my first coursera course, Managing Remote Teams, since Andrew Ng’s excellent introduction to the mathematics and theory behind machine learning.

Motivation for the Course

The workplace shifts under the COVID19 lock downs have furthered my belief that the future of work is heavily, but not fully remote. For some companies it quite possibly will be fully remote, except for the occassional employee “on-site”. Gitlab’s ability to run remote teams is legendary. A great principle I try to live by is to identify experts in a field and maximize your ability to learn from them. I cannot imagine a better way to do this as far as remote work.

Motivation for this Post

This post is a bit of an experiment in live blogging a course. It is both to keep me accountable but also to share insights and learnings from the course. I am looking forward to the course raising some controversial ideas around remote management and using this platform to instigate a lively discussion.

I expect these posts to be short and unrefined. I intend to write a longer, edited post at the culmination of the course.